CLASS schedule | 2016

I teach two different styles of Yoga: Vinyasa flow (a dynamic yoga with a Hatha ancestory) and Kundalini Yoga (with a Raja heritage). I combine both styles as well as my years of experience, testing, exploring and personal journeying into health and wellness to create classes that inspire, release, rejuvenate and challenge. I also hold regulary workshops, 2hr intensives and various challenges. Join me on the mat and beyond to delve into your health and well being and have fun doing it.

Please sign in with reception or at the self-check in at least five minutes in advance to the class starting. Try not to eat at least two hours before class. Wear light clothing as you will sweat. We recommend you bring your own mat, water & a small towel. All classes will be marked off at reception on our online check-in system. You will automatically be notified of expiring passes and when your pass has 1 class left but feel free to ask for your pass or attendance details. They are easily viewed.

If you need to buy a pass you will be given a two class breather in which to purchase a pass.
After that drop-in rate of R70 will be charged. No exceptions.

Open (All Levels) Classes

I teach 3 classes a week and run these as open classes which means you don't need to book (although for the more popular classes booking is recommended).

Class schedule is quite regular but will change when there are school holidays, public holidays or special events. Please have a look at the up to date schedule in the box below or click on the schedule button to open the schedule in a new page.

The schedule shows dates, times, venue and teacher for those lucky times when we have guest teachers and you are able to book into classes, workshops, challenges and immersions. If you have any trouble booking or seeing the schedule then please don't hesitate to get in touch via email.

Level 2 Classes

In 2016 I am introducing a level 2 class. This class is aimed at the regular, more advance practitioner. We will work a little quicker, a bit deeper and you will be challenged to reach for your edge and beyond as we explore more advanced poses, technques and concepts. Various aspects of Yoga will be introduced in these classes. Aspects such as mudra (hand gestures), mantra (sound), pranayama (breath discipline) and meditation.

All are welcome to this class as we will work in krama (stages) but those new to Yoga may feel a little left behind. A great class to get your practice to the next level!


about my classes

My classes are passionate, dynamic, vibrant and challenging as we work to heal and detoxify the body and mind. I like to explore Vinyasa flow as a living art and science and integrate mediations, pranayama, mantra and most of all heart! I attempt to make my classes a moving meditation with the application of deep asana exploration, precise alignment and conscious movement. I encourage kind compassionate patience as we flow and with krama (stages) I ensure there is something for everyone and get real delight in seeing people leave my classes surprised with what they have achieved.

Vinyasa Flow

This Vinyasa flow class is an ALL LEVELS class and has something for everyone from those new to Yoga or those who have been practicing for a while. A great start to the week and we build heat to burn off toxins and allow us to get deeper into poses. Great for building strength AND flexibility both on and off the mat in mind, body and spirit. Learn to connect movement with breath in this moving meditation.


Kundalini Yoga

Often referred to as a technology because, like other technologies, it produces a predictable, definable and consistent result. We work with ancient Kriya (sets) that aim to deliver a particular change in the body, mind and beyond. Kundalini Yoga works deeply into the endocrine system, circulatory system, musculature, soft tissue and into our more subtle systems. Challenging and powerful.


Kundalini Flow

A stunning combination of vinyasa flow and Kundalini Yoga kriyas. We work deeply into different levels here using various aspects of yoga. Build awareness of your own body, challenge your limits and refresh mind and body.


Slow Flow

Mmmmm....simply delicious. My slow flow classes are mellow and soft. They aim to balance the fire we build in the more dynamic classes. We work softly and slowly, developing an understanding of our bodies and tap into our own awareness, wisdom and intuition. It is important to build both strength and flexibility and Slow Flow classes help us get really deep into that soft tissue to release and relax. A great class to start with if you are new to Yoga or are looking for a de-stress.


Level 2 Flow

This class is for the regular practitioner who likes a challenge. Explore your edge as you discover new postures and new limits while maintaining breath and a smile! Awesome! We work a little quicker and aim to go further into slightly more advanced poses but like all my class ALL LEVELS are welcome as we work in Krama (or stages) and there is always something for everyone.