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Zeolite Powder

Take volcanic rock and ash, add some alkaline ground water, then wait a few million years. Voila! Zeolite. A volcanic mineral compound with maximal detoxifying effects. An incredible and powerful detoxifier for today.

•    Increases energy levels
•    Reduces hangovers -  removes the toxic metabolites that cause alcohol after-effects like nausea and headache
•    It captures and clears the triggering antigens that cause asthma, allergies and migraines.
•    Soothes the stomach and counters acid reflux, acute diarrhoea and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
•    It eliminates toxins and increases serotonin production. Research even suggests that zeolites can help relieve depression.

What? If you think “zeolite” is a complicated word, this particular zeolite is called clinoptilolite (try saying that three times, fast).

What else? Simply put, zeolite is a 100% natural volcanic mineral compound that contains more than 60 trace minerals and 12 amino acids.

So what? The Real Thing Zeolite is a push-pull supplement. It doesn’t just pull toxins and heavy metals out of your body. It also pushes healthy minerals in.
1.    Zeolite is built for it. This compound is a “molecular sieve” made up of tiny alumino-silicate honeycomb chambers. Each chamber is negatively charged and contains positively charged mineral ions like potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and iron (minerals you need).   

2.    It sucks in positively charged negative things. The chambers suck in positively charged toxins and contaminants, and spit out their positively charged metal ions. The result? Good stuff in, bad stuff out, such as... 
    Environmental toxins, pesticides and PCBs
    Free radicals
    Radioactive substances
    Heavy metals, like cadmium, mercury, lead and arsenic.

3.    It chucks them out. The body doesn’t absorb Zeolite, so it passes through and out of your system in five to seven hours. And it takes the trash along with it. The perfect house guest.

ANOTHER FACT: Yes, it’s a safe and side-effect free detoxifier, but zeolite is also an anti-ageing addition in certain cosmetics. Either way, things look better when it’s around.

•    FIGHT INFECTIONS. It blocks viral replication – as in cases of herpes zoster. Studies also suggest that zeolites help treat hepatitis C, colds and flu.
•    REMOVE FREE RADICALS. A 2002 study by German rheumatologist Wolfgang Thoma found that zeolites can slow the oxidation process by 100% and delay muscle tissue oxidation by 50% in athletes.
•    OPTISE AND ALKALINISE. It helps maintain an alkaline pH between 7.35 and 7.45, which promotes healthy brain and immune function.
•    CARE FOR SKIN. Zeolite improves skin quality and fights the visible signs of ageing. An attractive extra.
•    ANTI-AUTISM...MAYBE. Zeolite helps to clear heavy metals. And children with autism are thought to have three times more mercury in their baby teeth than those 
without the condition. That’s why zeolites are now being tested as a possible Autism treatment. Hope they pass.
•    What we put in it. Pure, 100% natural clinoptilolite zeolite.
•    What we don’t put in it. No wheat, gluten, dairy. No binders, fillers, preservatives or additives of any kind.
•    How it’s made. The Real Thing Zeolite is produced to be 100% bioavailable, which increases its potency.

Try The Real Thing Zeolite for a multisystem internal detox, or a skin-deep external one.
•    ORALLY: For detox, take 1 teaspoon (5g) daily, mixed with water or a cold drink of your choice, for at least 30 days. For acute conditions, take 1 teaspoon three times daily, or consult your health practitioner. Mix well and drink quickly.
•    AS A FACE MASK: Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons of The Real Thing Zeolite with a little water to make a paste. Before the paste dries, apply evenly over the face (as well as neck and chest if desired). After 10 minutes, rinse with water and mild soap. Use once every two weeks. If skin feels dry after application, apply a moisturiser. If irritation occurs, suspend use and consult your health practitioner.
Note: For best results, keep this supplement stored in plastic as you buy it.

Cillantro Drops

100% pure and organic liquid cilantro. The heavyweight herb that mobilises heavy metals for detox.

•    Contains a natural antibacterial compound for anti-infection 
•    A natural anti-inflammatory and helps to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis
•    Regular intake of cilantro helps to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL). Both these acts of cilantro help to maintain the health of the heart
•    Promotes the production of digestive enzymes for a smoother running system.
•    And more… (visit to learn more about detox)


What? Coriander. Chinese parsley. Cilantro. Same difference. But this herb is good for more than just garnish.

Why? Historically, it’s been used to help all sorts of things (digestion, anxiety, insomnia, pain, infection and even circulation). But it’s most famous for its ability to mobilise toxic heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, lead and aluminium so they can be removed from the body. That’s why we love it.

1.    Cilantro gets into cells. It’s probably the only effective mobiliser of mercury stored within a cell, and within its nucleus. That’s why it’s thought to even help reverse the DNA damage caused by mercury.

2.    It reaches hard to reach places. According to detox guru Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, cilantro can find and mobilise heavy metals in bones and the central nervous system. A recent animal study showed that it could rapidly strip aluminium and lead from the brain and bones more effectively than any other known detoxifier.

3.    Especially the brain. Because this herb can cross the blood-brain barrier it gets into the central nervous system and does its work within the brain. Which is particularly neat. 

4.    It mobilises more than it can carry. Cilantro is almost too good at mobilising heavy metals. Because it frees up more then it can transport, it may leave some behind in the connective tissues. This is called re-toxification. The solution? Take it with one or more chelators like Chlorella Chlorella Growth Factor, or Zeolites 

HERES’ A TIP: To help clear all the metals that Cilantro mobilises, take it with a chelator like The Real Thing Chlorella, Chlorella Growth Factor or Zeolites. Or a combination. Many hands make light work of carrying many heavy metals.

•    What we put in it. Nothing but high-quality, organically certified cilantro, derived only from fresh leaf extract.
•    What we don’t put in it. No colourants, flavourants, preservatives oradditives of any kind.
•    How it’s grown and made. Yes it’s 100% organic, but it’s also grown, harvested and manufactured according to strict and stringently monitored standards.


•    Take 2 drops twice a day, just before a meal and 30 minutes after taking one or more chelators, such as The Real Thing Chlorella, CGF, or Zeolites.
•    Increase the dose gradually, over a few days, to 10 drops three times a day. If you feel nausea or any other symptoms (due to the mobilised toxins), drop the dose again, and/or increase the chelator and consult your health practitioner.
•    During the initial phase of detox, Cilantro should be taken 1 week on, 2 weeks off.
Note: Cilantro is best taken before a meal because it enhances bile release into the small intestine.
•    Rub 5 drops twice a day into your ankles (for mobilisation of metals in organs, joints and structures below the diaphragm), and into your wrists (for those above the diaphragm).
•    For acute symptoms like joint pain and angina, rub 10 to 15 drops directly onto the painful area.

•    Add 10 to 20 drops to a cup of hot water and sip slowly.
•    Best taken before a meal.

Chlorella - 500 tablets

The Real Thing Chlorella100% pure, cracked cell chlorella algae, packed with the antioxidant chlorophyll. It's the "superfood" for super-health.Go green with The Real Thing Chlorella. It's a spring-cleaning superfood crammed with nutrients and the plant antioxidant chlorophyll. But this fresh-water alga brings more than just a nutrient boost. It's precisely what your body needs to help clear toxic heavy metals and chemical pollutants. It's a detox waiting to happen.

100% pure, cracked cell chlorella algae. It’s a superfood, a super detoxifier and a super source of the antioxidant chlorophyll.

•    More energy, due to improved nutritional status.
•    Detoxifier
•    Anti-aging
•    Probiotic function stimulates the growth of good bacteria and supports the digestive system.
•    Promotes tissue regeneration, growth and repair.
•    and more...

What? Chlorella is a single-celled, two-billion-year-old great, green superfood.
Why? This fresh-water algae is crammed with nutrients and chlorophyll – that’s the plant antioxidant responsible for chlorella’s name and its green colour.
So what? It’s a nutrient-boost and a detox waiting to happen. Precisely what your body needs to help clear heavy metals and other toxins.

It’s a potent antioxidant found in many green plants.
•    It fights free radical damage.
•    It's structurally similar to oxygen-carrying haemoglobin in red blood cells, which is why it helps increase red cell counts.
•    It can also chelate and clear heavy metals, detoxify the liver and help counter the effects of radiation.
•    Vitamins, including the stress-busting Bs and vitamins A, C, E and K.
•    Minerals, particularly iron, but also calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc, copper, sodium and various trace elements.
•    Essential fatty acids, to contribute to cholesterol balancing.
•    Protein, carbohydrates, amino acids and nucleic acids.


It helps your body clear out all kinds of junk.
•    Heavy metals. The cellulose in chlorella’s tough cell wall binds chemically with noxious heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium. Then it shows them the door.
•    Pesticides. It helps the body flush out hydrocarbon pesticide traces, like DDT, kepone and PCBs.
•    Radiation. It helps reduce damage due to radiation exposure. Japanese scientists have been investigating its effects since the nuclear disasters of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
•    Fewer free radicals. The antioxidant chlorophyll cuts the tissue damage and ageing caused by free radicals.
•    More regeneration. The CGF, in chlorella helps promote cell growth and tissue repair.
•    More nucleic acids. When you hit your 20s, nucleic acid volumes start to decrease. CGF also boosts nucleic acid levels and so, may have an anti-ageing function.
Still not enough for you? Here’s what else chlorella can do...
•    More macrophages, the immune cells that swallow and destroy invading organisms and contaminants.
•    An alkaline pH, as chlorella helps counter acidity and restore the body’s optimal, pH balance.
•    More energy, due to improved nutritional status.
•    Fresher breath, thanks to the chlorophyll.
•    Better digestion, due to the healthier balance of good bacteria in the gut.


•    What we put in it. Only the purest possible cracked-cell Chlorella pyrenoidosa algae.
•    What we don’t put in it. No binders, fillers, colourants, flavourants, preservatives, tableting aids or additives of any kind.
•    How it’s grown. In fresh, shallow water that’s totally free of toxins and pollutants.
•    How it’s made. Our algae's cell walls are "cracked" through a low-temperature drying procedure. Why? For easier digestion and absorption of all the good stuff inside.
•    How it’s stored. It’s packed in plastic to avoid all contact with metals and moisture

For maintenance, take 5 tablets twice daily, at meal times, with a glass of water. This can be increased to 10 to 20 tablets daily, or consult your health practitioner.

Note: For best results, keep this supplement stored in plastic, as you buy it. If you also take vitamin C, take it a good few hours before or after taking Chlorella.