Detox & Yoga Course
A 7 day immersion into health and wellbeing
24-30th August 2015

I believe this detox course offers incredible value for money and more importantly a great opportunity for you to invest in your health and overall wellness. I run only two courses a year and they fill up quickly. I know that detoxing on a course like this take a big of effort. Putting yourself first for a full 7 days, prioritizing your health, making the time, finding the funds and staying committed and organized when daily life challenges you.

But think about how much this short 7 days can change you, how it can set you up for a clear, focused and energized year. Where you start to find a renewed passion for life, enjoyment in things you do and a lightness in being. Considering the alternatives of ill-health, low energy, joint pain, allergies and degradation of health I’d say the effort is worth it. Wouldn’t you?

Strong in body, peace in mind


Why Detox

Detoxing is just another word for cleansing. The goal of any detox program is to increase the efficiency of the digestive system and to stimulate the other parts of the body that are responsible for cleansing and elimination. Our body can readily cope with and eliminate a great deal of introduced toxins, the ash of our own metabolism and unprocessed emotions. However, now more than ever, we are exposed to toxins from the lotions we put on our skin every day, the toothpaste we brush our teeth with, the air that we breathe, additives and preservatives in our food supply, pesticides, plastics, negative thoughts and stress which promotes a toxic and acidic body.

Dry, blotchy, spotty skin, headaches, fungal infections, lack of energy, joint pain, allergies, gas, bloating, constipation, or generally feeling under the weather may all be indications that your body has more toxins than it can handle, and that you would benefit from giving your system a good cleanout.

Detoxing improves appearance of skin, eyes and overall wellbeing. It helps to regulate sleep patterns, boost emotional well-being, increase vitality and underlying health and may also help you lose weight. One of the key benefits of detoxing is just how much better you will look and feel. Expect your skin to look softer and better hydrated, and your complexion to be clearer.

A further benefit of a deep cleanse is the improvement in the health of your immune system through the increase in the amount of antioxidant nutrients that are key to fighting infection and disease. As a result you’ll suffer from fewer colds and minor illnesses.

Working deeply into major systems as well as strengthening the parasympathetic nervous system will see improved mood and Inner harmony. Ridding your mind of negative thoughts will improve your outlook and do wonders for your state of health. Research has shown that optimism and happiness are strongly linked to good health, increased well-being, and your body’s potential to heal itself. Healthy eating will stabilize your blood sugar levels, which in turn will prevent your moods from fluctuating, helping you to feel more relaxed and better able to deal with stress. Meditation and visualization techniques will enable you to detoxify your mind.

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15 Signs you need to detox

  • anxiety or depression
  • constant fatigue
  • brain fog (inability to focus)
  • regular headaches
  • unexplained joint or muscle pain
  • weight gain or stubborn fat
  • digestion issues including gas, heartburn, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal pain
  • insomnia
  • autoimmune diseases
  • hormonal imbalances
  • acne, skin rashes or eczema
  • allergies
  • inflammation
  • chemical sensitivities
  • bad breath

top 10 benefits of detoxing

  • Remove toxins from the body.
  • Prevent chronic disease
  • Enhance immune system function
  • Lose weight
  • Slow premature aging
  • Improve quality of life
  • Increase energy
  • Improve skin quality
  • Mental and emotional clarity
  • Restore balance to our body's systems


How Does it work?

Detoxing involves reducing the intake of toxins and improving their elimination through diet, movement, body therapies such as, skin brushing, massages and detox supplements designed for specific organs or to target specific toxins. A cleanse helps to rest the digestive system and rejuvenate other major organs in the body. This helps us to digest, absorb and assimilate nutrients from the food we eat. No more constant hunger or cravings! Detoxing also helps the body to work through the backlog of stored toxins (read the weight loss section below for more details).

On this course we:

  • Follow an age old Ayurvedic diet
  • Follow an optional juice diet for those looking for more...
  • We undertake a daily yoga session following a Yoga course a carefully designed to support and compliment a full detox by working deeply into the lymph, circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems as well as major muscles and joints.
  • Explore ancient wellness Rituals and aim to build good habits that last beyond the detox
  • Expose common toxins and understand the effects on our bodies
  • Look at lifestyle choices and how these add to our toxicity
  • Discover great juice recipes, healthy food recipes and hidden gems in our pantries
  • Personalise your detox with supplements
  • Deepen your detox with wellness add-ons from Brookdale and Fordoun. 5 great packages or speak to us to customize your treatement.
  • Share an incredibly beautiful journey with the support of fellow detoxers who help to motivate, energise and encourage.

What's included

Over the two week period on this journey to health we will:

  • Follow an age old Yogic diet
  • 14 days unlimited Yoga pass - attend all 9 classes a week if you wish on this course specifically designed to detox, cleanse and clear
  • Detox information and discussions in class
  • Complete some amazing wellness and Ayurvedic rituals to support a detox and nurture ourselves
  • A gift box valued at R450 containing everything you need to complete your detox Rituals
  • Learn about common toxins and the effects on our body
  • Discover incredible juice, smoothie, snack and food recipes
  • Understand the benefits of foods commonly found in our pantry
  • Discover incredible supplements to support a modern lifestyle
  • A daily e-mail with details of your ritual, a juice or smoothie recipe, a food recipe, Detox information, Food and supplement information and inspiration
  • A progress sheet so you can record what you have achieved
  • A booklet so you can see the full schedule for the detox and details of the Yogic diet

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Additional Extras

The Supplements – R480

You have an option to add supplements to your detox in order to assist with and support your body through this intense period of elimination. I have carefully chosen three products that go a long way to helping you:
Chlorella – Provides as strong antioxidants and acts as an chelate to help the body shift some of the more stubborn toxins. It also binds to toxins to help your body shift them out rather than just around the body.
Cillantro Drops – - The heavyweight detoxifier for mobilising and removing all toxic heavy metals from your body.
Zeolite Powder – - This spring-cleaning mineral supplement helps your body toss out toxins and clear harmful heavy metals. Plus it amplifies energy and brings about balance.


Simply let me know when you book your Detox and Yoga course that you will also like the supplements. These will be packed for you and provided to you at the start of the course will all relevant information on how to take the supplements.

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The Wellness compliments – From R1450

Set in the magnificent and tranquil surrounds of the KZN midlands are two incredible facilities: Brookdale Health Hydro and Day Spa and Fordoun Hotel & Spa. We have been blessed to have these Spa’s come on board and offer a selection of treatments that will compliment your detox.

The wellness packages created specifically for the Lumala Yoga Detox & Yoga Course will compliment and enhance your detox taking you deeper into more complete all over body wellbeing.

In order to protect us, our body will store toxins in fat deposits. That’s how we get cellulite – fat wrapped toxins! To facilitate the release of these toxins we use massage, heat, aromatherapy oils, steams, body brushing, Drainage massages and a host of other specialists treatments like the Brookdale Bellabaci Cups and the Fordoun Earth Experiences.

Besides the physical benefits of the above taking time to nurture and care for yourself in beautiful tranquil surrounds, to feel pampered and special goes a long way to good mental and emotional health. Using heat, touch, oils and minerals also helps to get old stuck emotions moving. Important, I believe, for a comprehensive detox.

Whilst being treated, or taking time out in steam rooms, float tanks or on the massage table we also get to just be. To reconnect and think about other toxic influences in our lives.

I would strongly recommend investing in yourself and taking advantage of these incredible offers.

HOW TO BOOK Simply let me know when you book your detox course that you’d like to opt for a wellness package. Once you have paid you will receive your vouchers and relevant information about your package including Spa etiquette, opening hours, contact details and relevant policies.

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Brookdale - day spa

Brookdale's Spa Director, Marilyn, has employed her years of experience in the Health Hydro business to put together truly amazing Detox Wellness Programmes to compliment your cleanse. With a focus on physically shifting toxins these programmes are expertly designed to employ the latest and most innovative treatments and include heat, steam, Bellabaci Cups, Drainage massages, essential oils, specialist cellulite treatments and more!

Choose from:
Detox Deluxe -24 treatments - R3,300
valued R4,560 - save R1,260

Detox Fundamentals – 12 treatments - R1,650
valued at R2,280 - save R630

Take home extra - Thallassotherapy Bath Salts – R265

Prefer to create your own programme? Chat to Marilyn for a Custom Consultation and tailor make your programme.

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Fordoun - day spa

With a host of treatments and specialised facilities on offer, Fordoun's Spa Manager, Adele, has created three packages that aim to shift toxins as well as balance energy.

With Bioenergy Healing, Floatation and Healing Earth treatments these packages create space to clear the mind and shift unprocessed emotions.

Choose from:

Gold -9 treatments - R3,130

Silver – 7 treatments - R2,350

Bronze - 5 treatments - R1,450

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Beauty Fusion Salon

Get the full benefit of your detox with Moor Neydharting experience. Now is the perfect time to hydrate and detox your skin, the largest origin of the body. This magical product has been used to treat many ailments and aid in detox. Pure moor mud, better known as peat, is from the Neydharting Moor in Austria. It is rich in over 1000 organic botanicals, herbs, amino and fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that have been recognised over the centuries for their ability to calm, sooth, balance and clarify the skin, body and mind.

Also from the Beauty Fusion Salon is a range of Organic beauty products - absolutely perfect for ensuring you don't introduce toxins through your skin!

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Anna Bruce

Another fantastic opportunity for detoxers is to enjoy reflexology sessions with the talented and incredible Anna Bruce. Anyone who knows Anna knows that we are very blessed to have someone of her calibre in Notties. Anna is sadly (for us) returning to the UK shortly so make the most of this time to discover the range of Energy based treatments that Anna offers.

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Weight Loss

Have you been trying to shift weight for ages and finding that nothing seems to work? Well if you are toxic then it won’t - well not easily anyway. As a form of protection our bodies will bury toxins that it cannot eliminate in our fat deposits on our thighs, arms, bellies, legs and buttocks. More worryingly it will also embed these toxins in fatty deposits around major organs and even IN our organs like our intestines, liver, kidneys and brain.

Another way our body protects itself is by trying to dilute the toxins by holding onto water. As we detox and clean ourselves, as we stop introducing excess toxins that our body cannot eliminate, we give our body time and space to clear the backlog of stored toxins.

Once we clear the backlog then our body has no need to hold onto the water or excess fat stores in which to dilute and bury toxins and we can start to shift that stubborn weight. Also, through a detox which rests the digestive tract and perhaps even removes years of built up sludge, we start to assimilate and digest our food properly and so don’t feel hungry all the time.

Try it for yourself!

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